Real Estate


At Drake Loeb PLLC, we recognize that while every real estate transaction, deal, and project is different, each matter requires the same approach every time: careful attention to detail, thoughtful strategy, and frequent communication with our client. Whether we are dealing with a national corporation seeking to develop a property or a first-time homebuyer, each client will experience this same high standard of service and legal representation.

What sets our firm apart from others is the depth of experience our attorneys have in all the various aspects on which a client will need guidance in matters of real estate and development.  Deals and projects in this area require attorneys who are knowledgeable not only about real estate law, but also about environmental law, bank lending, local laws, state and federal statutes, the process of construction, how to get approvals and permits in an expedient manner, and much more.  Our attorneys have a vast network of contacts and regularly handle deals both small and large - they have the experience and skill you need.

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