Land Use & Zoning - Commercial & Residential Development


Our attorneys in this area are widely known in the Hudson Valley for their comprehensive counseling and sophisticated guidance to developers at all stages of residential, commercial and industrial development projects.  From simple zoning issues to full-scale development projects, our services include everything from negotiation to acquisition and financing, through permitting and approvals. Our vast experience with state and local governments as well as our knowledge regarding environmental compliance and regulations offers our clients a unique advantage during the approval process.

We invite you to review our representative experience and then call us today to see how we can assist you with your project.

Representative Experience

Following are some of the major projects our attorneys have handled for clients:

  • approvals/permitting for the largest premium outlet shopping mall in the Hudson Valley
  • approvals/permitting for a manufacturing facility in the area for a major west coast organic food manufacturer
  • approvals/permitting for a casino/resort for an international company
  • approvals/permitting for warehouse distribution facilities for various major retailers and businesses
  • approvals/permitting, development and construction financing of residential communities
  • approvals/permitting for a major retailer locating a new store in Newburgh
  • approvals/permitting for a national hotel chain locating a new hotel in Orange County
  • approvals/permitting for other retail businesses such as car washes and gasoline stations

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