Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation


Drake Loeb PLLC attorneys have successfully defended a wide variety of Section 1983 civil rights litigation claims, of virtually every type, on behalf of municipalities, school districts, government officials, municipal boards, and police departments, including individual employees. The firm has extensive experience in the defense of lawsuits claiming excessive force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, selective enforcement, the violation of First Amendment rights, the violation of Equal Protection rights, and the violation of the rights to Procedural and Substantive Due Process – to name just a few.  The firm also skillfully handles Section 1983 civil rights claims arising from land use determinations arising from the decisions of municipal boards – such as zoning and planning boards.

If you are interested in retaining an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive law firm to represent your interests in the defense of a Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit brought in federal or state court, please contact us.

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