School District Liability Claims


Drake Loeb PLLC has in-depth and extensive experience in handling the defense of the myriad of claims and lawsuits brought against school districts and their employees. Our attorneys regularly defend lawsuits, in both federal and state courts, involving claims based on student injuries resulting from alleged negligent supervision, playground accidents, bus accidents and premises defects; as well as claims based upon sexual assaults, discrimination, harassment, bullying, and nursing negligence. Our attorneys also regularly handle with success claims against school districts based on claims of employment discrimination, including allegations of race, sex, national origin, age, disability and religious discrimination.  Drake Loeb PLLC also has experience successfully defending school districts and their officials against claims asserting defamation and the inadequate provision of educational services to students.

If you are interested in retaining an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive law firm to represent your interests in the defense of a claim brought against a school district, a school official, or a school employee, please contact us.


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