Police Liability Claims


Drake Loeb, PLLC has extensive experience and expertise in defending police departments and police officers in civil rights litigation, including Section 1983 civil rights claims, in federal and state courts.

Lawsuits against police personnel occur frequently and are on the rise.  They typically involve claims asserting the use of excessive force, false arrest, malicious prosecution and selective enforcement – just to name a few.  The firm’s focus is to aggressively defend claims at all stages of litigation, including handling all aspects of trial practice and appellate work, if necessary.  Through our years of experience in defending police liability claims, our attorneys are able to efficiently and quickly identify any available statutory or common law defenses available to police personnel and have accumulated an impressive record of securing the dismissal of claims – often at an early stage of litigation.

If you are interested in retaining an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive law firm to represent your interests in the defense of a police liability lawsuit, please contact us.

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