Municipal Liability Claims


Drake Loeb PLLC has extensive experience and knowledge in defending the claims and lawsuits brought against municipalities and their departments.

Liability claims against municipalities come in a wide variety and include claims based on road and sidewalk defects; the failure to remove or address snow and ice conditions;  improper highway design and traffic controls; flood damages; automobile and truck accidents; and the failure to provide police, fire, and emergency protection - just to name a few. The attorneys at our firm are intimately familiar with all aspects defending municipalities and their officials against the multitude of claims brought against them.  Our attorneys have successfully defended numerous lawsuits commenced against municipalities and have frequently obtained dismissals of these lawsuits based upon defenses which afford immunities to municipal actors, as well as defenses based upon the failure of a plaintiff to satisfy the stringent requirements needed to impose liability.

If you are interested in retaining an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive law firm to represent your interests in a municipal liability claim brought in federal or state court, please contact us.

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