Veterans’ Benefits Claims & Appeals


Gary J. Gogerty is an accredited attorney with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and as such is qualified to assist veterans prepare and present a claim for benefits due to disability.  He is also authorized to represent veterans whose claim for benefits has been denied or who contest the disability determination that may have resulted in the veteran receiving less than the full benefit for which they may otherwise be eligible to receive.

Gary provides caring, personalized representation of his clients.  Getting started is easy.  Simply call to make an appointment for a free consultation.  If you are unable to come to the office due to your disability, alternate arrangements can be made.  During your consultation, we will review your situation thoroughly.  If we accept your case, you will work closely with Gary and his paralegal as they obtain your medical records, gather other required information, and guide you throughout your matter.

We invite you to call us for your free consultation today.


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