Special Districts & Shared Services


For more than 50 years, Drake Loeb PLLC has provided advice to municipalities and private clients on the establishment and administration of special districts supplying water, sewer, drainage and lighting services to thousands of properties in the Mid-Hudson area. The firm has experience in issues relating to the assessment of charges for those services and has worked together with engineers and other professionals to provide municipal clients with appropriate plans to put the necessary charges in place. The firm works closely with the municipality’s bond counsel and financial advisor as part of a team which we believe will provide the best advice to our clients.

Shared services has been a part of our approach to cost savings and efficiency for municipalities in supplying sewer and water since 1963. Our clients and their taxpayers have benefited from those activities. We have numerous examples of agreements between municipalities which have been mutually advantageous to all.

A recent amendment to the General Municipal Law has created an opportunity that did not exist before for the consolidation of districts. The firm has provided counsel to a task force undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the law for a working group of three municipalities. That activity combines aspects of district administration, establishing charges and shared services agreements.

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